Stop Climate Chaos

Big names call for big international climate deal

David Attenborough, Scarlett Johansson, Angelique Kidjo, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. Just four names of the nineteen actors, musicians, broadcasters, writers, activists and public figures who have co-signed an open letter to world leaders, during the last few says of the United Nations climate talks in Poland.

The signatories of the letter join vast numbers of ordinary people around the world, calling for urgent international action to tackle climate change. As we discussed yesterday, at the same time as the United Nations conference in Poland, European leaders have also been meeting in Brussels. With the science telling us that cuts to greenhouse gas emissions are urgently needed, now should be the time for rich and powerful countries to lead the way. Yet some European countries are continuing to slow progress to a glacial pace, and their in-action is now spilling over to the United Nations, throwing water on any chances of a global deal. Behind these headlines are millions of unheralded day-to-day tragedies: women forced to walk further to find water for their children; farmers having to guess when best to plant their seeds only for them to be washed away by unpredictably heavy rains; children pulled from school to raise extra money for families unable to cope. The science tells us we must act. The world is ready for it. The lives of millions of the world's poorest people depend on it. As the video - from Oxfam's team in Poland - says, "EU, where are you?" Signatures

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