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Guardian prints responses to Ed Miliband's popular mobilisation comments

Following on from Ed Miliband's comments about the need for a popular mobilisation on climate change in the order of Make Poverty History, the Guardian has published responses from Oxfam, WDM, Friends of the Earth and us. Ashok Sinha spoke on behalf of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition, you can read what he said below:

I can think of two reasons why Ed Miliband is calling for a climate change version of the Make Poverty History campaign ahead of the critical international talks in Copenhagen next year. Perhaps he and the prime minister are set to show courage and vision by decarbonising the UK economy and want UK charities to help engage the public at home and abroad on this journey. Alternatively, they have already balked at the challenges and want the NGO sector to divert attention onto the international scene to provide cover for domestic failings.

I'm prepared to believe in the former explanation and the next 12 months will determine whether I'm right. Members of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition, which spans leading Make Poverty History groups as well as the UK's leading environment campaigns, are indeed building international campaigning alliances. But even more importantly we believe the most effective way to inspire a deal at Copenhagen is for the UK to meet its own decarbonisation obligations, which is why we are campaigning against new unabated coal-fired power stations and for a renewable energy revolution. Leadership starts at the top, and at home. Miliband will find allies in Stop Climate Chaos if he shows it.

Alternatively read the whole story on the Guardian site.

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