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Unless you are a bit of a web guru, these might be quite an alien idea for you, and they are not in anyway crucial to how you use the site, so this article may be better left to those techies who are interested...

We at Stop Climate Chaos are constantly striving for high standards in the materials we provide for you, and microformatting is another way that we can give you more.

The idea is that it helps your browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc) help you interact with our content.

For instance, if you have a microformatting enabled browser (you can do this with a Firefox add-on, by buying an Internet Explorer extension or downloading a Safari plugin) our events page can interact with calendar software that you use.

We are also using the tagging, bookmarking and geolocation microformats where possible, and we hope that they will prove useful for some of you.

To find out more about microformatting, there is an excellent introduction on the microformats.

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