Stop Climate Chaos

New "Calendar of Climate Change"

Our friends at Flipside Vision have produced a new Calendar of Climate Change for 2009. This calendar provides two poignant images underlining the impact of climate change every month.

It also contextualises the issues around climate change and includes tips and advice on how to reduce your own emissions. The calendar is produced to be carbon neutral. Flipside Vision have kindly offered 50% of their profits to help Stop Climate Chaos to fund its ongoing work.

For us to get 50% of the profits, the purchase has to have been made via this link:
Buy Calendar of Climate Change!

HRH Prince Charles recently said of the calendar and it's creator Diana Korchien:

It is unbelievably striking and poignant and his Royal Highness admires you more than he can possibly say for using your skills to communicate the message so brilliantly.

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