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An Urgent Call for Support as Vestas Evict Workers

Since the 20th July workers have been occupying Vestas blades, which is the UK’s only wind blade factory, in protest at plans to close it down and axe 625 jobs.

A wide range of people have been down on the island in support of the occupation for the duration. Two days ago, a group of activists occupied the roof of a second Vestas facility in support of the workers at Vestas Blades.

This support has been hugely appreciated by the workers occupying the factory who are set to not only lose their jobs, but because of their protest, will also lose their redundancies. They are now making a huge call out for anyone who can take the day off tomorrow to get down to the island in time to support the workers as they face eviction.

This fight isn’t over, but more support is desperately needed.

Please contact Bex on 07971719797 for more information and details on
transport or email vestasvolunteers[at] (response will be slower on email that calls). Free transport is being organised from London tonight at 10pm. If you can’t go tomorrow send us an email – we will be organising more transport in the coming days.

If an eviction does occur, then protests will take place accordingly:

  • Bristol: demonstrate 5.30pm same day at Bristol fountain
  • Manchester: 5pm same day in Piccadilly Gardens and organise a protest at 8am the following day at Vestas HQ in Warrington.
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