Stop Climate Chaos

Working together for the right choice at Copenhagen

2009 is one of the most important years in human history. In Copenhagen in December, the world's leaders will decide if we head towards a future of a safe climate for ourselves, and future generations, or we head for a hot, glowering planet with greater poverty and conflict than we have ever seen. They must make the right choice.

Stop Climate Chaos is the huge and diverse UK coalition that is now central to building the pressure necessary for the UK Government to take radical domestic action to cut our emissions and show international leadership in the run-up to the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen.

This is the year when public action must send an irrefutable message to our Government about the future we want for the planet. It will take the work of a broad coalition from green, development, and faith organisations, to trade unions, low carbon communities, and women's organisations. Stop Climate Chaos was established precisely to bring the full weight of such diverse organisations to bear on such momentous decisions.

Throughout 2009, the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition will demand Government action to end dirty coal and deliver renewable energy. And we will build towards a mass demonstration in central London on Saturday 5th December to express our demand for a deal in Copenhagen that will radically cut global emissions, and will provide the support needed by poor countries that are already struggling to cope with a changing climate.

We commit our organisations’ energies to work together to achieve the right outcomes, and will work with our fellow coalition members and with non-members alike in this historic battle for a brighter future for humankind.

The Board of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition.

Paul Brannen, Head of Campaigns, Christian Aid
Andy Atkins, Executive Director, Friends of the Earth
John Sauven, Executive Director, Greenpeace UK
Anne Miller, Network for Social Change
Phil Bloomer, Director of Campaigns and Policy, Oxfam
Ian Leggett, Director, People & Planet
Graham Wynne, Chief Executive, RSPB
Mike Robinson, Chairperson, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland
Paul Cook, Director of Advocacy, Tearfund
Ruth Bond, Trustee, Women’s Institute
David Norman, Director of Campaigns, WWF

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