Stop Climate Chaos

2009, it's time to act

The UN climate change conference in Copenhagen this December is, "the most important meeting mankind has ever had." That's the simple and striking message from our campaigns director, Thomas Schultz-Jagow, in the video message above.

With that in mind, this year is going to be a massive one for Oxfam, you and, most importantly, poor people around the world. With so much resting on it, we need to start acting now. Throughout the year, meetings will take place, decisions will be made, texts prepared and positions determined that will provide the framework in which the most important meeting ever takes place. For the next 12 months we'll be encouraging you to write to MP's, take part in actions and demonstrations, send questions to Davos and generally play your part. We're looking for two key outcomes from the conference. Firstly, that there is a cap on rich country carbon emissions. Secondly, an adaptation fund is set up for poor countries, so that they can cope with the effects of climate change. In essence, it's time that rich countries "Stop harming. Start helping." Watch Thomas' video and get ready for the big year ahead.

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