Stop Climate Chaos

World Development Movement response to the government's 'Road to Copenhagen'

The World Development Movement strongly criticises the government's 'Road to Copenhagen' as 'riddled with pot holes.'

Tim Jones, climate policy officer at the World Development Movement said:

"Unfortunately, the 'Road to Copenhagen' is riddled with pot holes and Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband are posturing as the international saviours of the planet. The reality is that the climate science that the document is based on is out-of-date; the plans for a new Kingsnorth power station will smash our carbon reduction targets; and claiming that the global carbon market will deliver both reductions of our emissions, as well as financial assistance to developing countries to reduce their emissions is simply double counting on an Enronesque scale.

"If the government genuinely wishes to achieve a global climate deal that will help to prevent dangerous climate change, they must lead and not posture. The first thing that Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband should do if they are serious about preventing catastrophic climate change is to abandon plans for new dirty coal power stations in the UK.

"The global carbon market is not the solution. It means that the government can claim that we are reducing our carbon emissions whilst burning fossil fuels as normal. And they falsely claim that the carbon market will help developing countries develop in a low carbon way. We must not be fooled by this double counting; we must reduce our emissions and give financial assistance to developing countries to help reduce their emissions and adapt to climate change.

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