Stop Climate Chaos

Climate Change Rally in Doncaster

A wide coalition of schools, churches, community and environmental groups are planning a mass rally on climate change on Saturday July 11th in Doncaster. During the event, there will be the opportunity to quiz Ed Miliband MP, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

In December this year, the nations of the world meet in Copenhagen for a crunch UN climate change summit. It faces the huge task of capping and reversing greenhouse gas emissions and safeguarding the future of the planet. Mr Miliband has called for a populist push on the issue of global warming and wants to make this issue another “Make Poverty History".

The event will see hundreds of marchers process through the city to St George’s Minster for a short service, followed by a question and answer session with the Cabinet Minister. A number of local schools are already involved and will be making placards, posters and models in the weeks ahead in preparation for the day.

The July 11th event, “Climate Justice - Creation Care”, is being planned by a number of members of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition, an umbrella group of ninety or more organisations.

The Copenhagen summit is arguably the most critical gathering that has ever taken place in human history. The evidence that climate change is accelerating is there for all to see. There is genuine urgency now among climate scientists that we are at a “make or break” point. This crisis needs to unite many groups in society and make our leaders aware that we demand action, not just words, “ he said. “It would be great on July 11th to see as many groups from the city as possible, believers
and unbelievers, children and adults, sports clubs, the Mother’s Union and the Women’s Institute. Everyone is welcome.

Said Mark Dowd of Operation Noah, one of the groups helping to organise the day.

For many of the faith and development groups, climate change is an issue of justice. The poorer countries of the world have not caused global warming, yet they face the prospect of devastated crops and wrecked livelihoods due to floods and drought. They argue a just Copenhagen deal needs to safeguard the rights of such countries to develop sustainably with financial support from
the richer countries.

Environment groups point to the fact that thousands of animal and plant species face extinction in the coming decades if we not take measure to halt greenhouse gas emissions.

Precise details of the time and location for the parade’s assembly point will be finalised in the weeks ahead. You can also sign up for the event on Facebook.

For more information about how you can get involved on July 11th, contact Mark Dowd at:
Or telephone 0207 324 4769.

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