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Oxfam goes for an underwater dinner - 100 days to Copenhagen

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To mark the 100-day countdown to the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference Oxfam has set up a unique underwater event.

With 100 days to go until the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, Ian Sullivan is at the Sea Life Aquarium in London reporting on an unusual event organised by Oxfam.

But there is a reason behind this, and it’s to do with the 100-day countdown to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

man and wife enjoy dinner The event was organised to let the world’s media know that if our leaders don’t agree to a fair and safe climate change deal this December, then large parts of the world will be flooded and left completely uninhabitable.

The aquarium is on London’s South Bank, next to famous theatres, the London Eye and just across from Westminster. This is one of the cultural centres of the UK. But if a deal isn’t agreed to tackle climate change then this illustrious part of England will simply be washed away.

man and wife enjoy a cup of tea Back at the aquarium, after lowering the set down into the tank, it was your average front room – with turtles in it. Next came the “average family”, in their average clothes, with scuba masks and breathing gear. It was an amusing sight, particularly as the TV cameras and heavy-duty lights lined up to get the perfect shot that hopefully you will see on the news.

The serious point behind all of this is that we need a fair and safe deal to be agreed in Copenhagen. One that cuts emissions by 40% by 2020 and sets aside $150 billion to help poor countries adapt to the effects of our carbon pollution.

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