Stop Climate Chaos

Climate Laggards

Yet a number of car companies, including VW, BMW, Peugeot, Ford and GM are failing to commit to leadership on this critical issue.

These businesses need to make a choice between the clean economy of the future and the old, dirty economy of the past.

Why car companies?

Tell them to join the race for a low carbon Europe.

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Climate Leaders

A growing number of top companies are leading the way for a low carbon economy by calling for stronger European climate targets.

Stop Climate Chaos is helping to build this coalition of the willing, and we have already persuaded companies like Ikea, Sainsbury’s and Nestle to support a low carbon economy in Europe.

More than 100 businesses, which together account for over 3.8 million employees, now support a stronger EU carbon emissions reduction target of at least 30% below 1990 levels by 2020. 74 of these have signed on to a joint declaration.

As well as the numerous economic and social benefits of cutting greenhouse gas emissions within Europe, these companies believe that moving to a 30% emissions reduction target will spur innovation and investment, creating millions of new jobs in a low carbon economy.

See which companies have signed the joint declaration.

Why 30%?