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You've Asked the Climate Question, now join the Climate Change Lobby

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Climate Lobbying

If you enjoyed putting your candidates on the spot by asking the climate question in the run up to the election, then you’ll be excited to hear about our next events to put the UK’s new Government on the spot.

In November (date to be confirmed), supporters of Stop Climate Chaos, the UK’s largest coalition calling for action on climate change, will be holding the first Climate Lobby of the new Parliament. Thousands of people from up and down the country will join in a constituency-based lobby, to tell their MPs that they must deliver strong climate policies in the UK, and push for significant progress towards a fair, ambitious and binding global climate deal at the United Nations climate change talks.

We'll follow up the local lobby with a Westminster lobby in spring, bringing supporters to London from across the UK to make sure our MPs are delivering on their promises.

Keep an eye out for the date and more details soon.

Asking the Climate Question

Thank you to everyone that helped Ask the Climate Question in the run up to the election! Here’s just a snippet of what you, and the dedicated organisers of the Ask the Climate Question Campaign achieved:

• More than 13,000 e-mails were sent to candidates, Asking the Climate Question;

• More than 2500 people submitted Climate Questions to the Sky leaders’ debate – leading to a climate question being asked;

• Climate Question Times were held in 45 constituencies - and that’s not counting all of the other climate-focused hustings that Stop Climate Chaos Coalition members organised across the UK!

• An Ask the Climate Question hustings was held in Westminster, with Climate Change Ministers on Climate Change Day. The event was covered in the Guardian, the BBC and the Independent, and the three main party leaders responded to the Climate Question.

More on the Ask the Climate Question campaign here.

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