Stop Climate Chaos

Welsh Assembly Candidates asked to Cut Carbon & Create Jobs

With the Welsh Assembly elections coming up in May, Stop Climate Chaos Cymru is running fringe events at 3 party conferences entitled ‘Cutting Carbon – Creating Jobs’. Based on research carried out by Cardiff Business School, these will present affordable Welsh policy solutions to climate change which promote social justice and boost employment.

The Welsh Assembly Government has set itself some of the most ambitious targets in the world on greenhouse gas emissions reduction. It has promised a 3% decrease year on year by 2020, with the aim of reducing emissions by 40% on 1990 levels.

Stop Climate Chaos Cymru has commissioned research from the Economic Research unit at the Cardiff Business School to develop practical policy steps that the Welsh Assembly could take to get it back on track to meet its targets. We will be lobbying Welsh Assembly Candidates to sign up to these solutions once we have presented the report’s findings at the conferences.

The times and dates are as follows:

  • 19th February - 5.30pm, Labour Party conference in Llandudno
  • 5th March - 3pm, Liberal Democrats conference in Cardiff
  • 26th March - 12.30pm, Plaid Cymru conference in Cardiff

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We are grateful to the Co-operative group for their support in publicising this research.

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