Stop Climate Chaos

First Mili-band of the summer - Saturday 4th July

Stop Climate Chaos members Oxfam, WDM, RSPB, People & Planet, NUS, Christian Aid & the WI got together on 4 July to put on the first Mili-band of the summer, at the Kingsnorth summer fête.
A Mili-band

Approx 1,000 people gathered in Kent to send a dramatic message to Ed Miliband.
Making a Mili-band!

Gordon Brown's climate manifesto for Copenhagen

In a manifesto launched today, Prime Minister Gordon Brown has pledged UK leadership in tackling climate change during the run-up to the UN climate summit in Copenhagen this December. Alongside the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Miliband, he has outlined his vision for a new deal where the emissions of developed nations will peak by 2020 (we believe the deal should be no later than 2015) and decline thereafter.

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