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David Cameron: Take the Reins

It's time to take the reins on Climate Change!

In 2006, David Cameron visited the Arctic to see the effects of climate change first-hand.

In 2008 he helped secure the UK’s world-leading Climate Change Act.

In 2010 he pledged to lead the ‘greenest government ever’.

But this year, he went quiet – while others in his party have undermined his green promises.

Connecting with Climate Action in Qatar

Final day at the Doha climate talks UNFCCC flickr

The Doha Climate talks drew to a close on Saturday 8th December, a day later than planned.

Unfortunately the extra day didn't reflect an increase in ambition and the talks were widely greeted with disappointment that no progress was seen on increasing cuts to carbon emissions or providing the climate finance that poor countries need to adapt to climate change.

Green is Working for you!

During the Autumn of 2012, we asked you to send us photos explaining why Green is Working for you. We got tons of inspiring photos, and on 3rd December we handed a selection of them to #10 Downing Street so that David Cameron could see your messages.

Check out the photos below, and get inspired!

Rio Connection: MPs support the Declaration

Rio Connection

Almost 100 MPs and Welsh Assembly Members now support the Rio-UK Declaration! If you'd like to ask your MP or local politician to sign up, you can use this template letter.

If you are an MP and would like to sign up to the Rio-UK Declaration, please e-mail your support to

Ask David Cameron to support stronger climate targets!

David Cameron will be giving his first speech on the environment since taking office next Thursday 26th April.

Together we can convince our Prime Minister to stand strong, and back targets to reduce EU emissions by 30% by 2020 in this key climate speech.

A stronger EU climate target will be crucial for increasing ambition at the next UN climate talks, but the preparatory work needs to be done now. And we need David Cameron to show his public support for a stronger EU target.

Can you take 2 minutes to email David Cameron to ask him to stand strong on emissions targets?

Back a 100% renewable Scotland

Make sure that the ambition for 100% of our electricity needs to be sourced from renewable energy by 2020 stays on track. Tell the Scottish Parliament that you want a clean, green energy future for Scotland.

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