Stop Climate Chaos


Help keep tar sands out of Europe

Tar sands produce 3-5 times the carbon emissions associated with crude oil production, bad news for a low carbon economy.

Yet the UK Government, under pressure from Canada which produces most of the world’s tar sands, is refusing to support an EU proposal that would effectively ban tar sands from European import.

We still have a chance to reverse our government’s position before the vote on 23 February.

Tell Norman Baker and Nick Clegg there is no place for dirty oil in a green European Union!

Email Chris Huhne to call for an urgent global agreement on climate change

November 2011

The UN climate change talks will take place in Durban, South Africa from 29th November to 9th December 2011.

Time is running out for an ambitious global deal on climate change to be agreed, as the only agreement we currently have – the Kyoto Protocol – is due to end next year. We urgently need a follow-on agreement if we are to keep emissions under control and avoid the catastrophic effects of runaway global warming.

Email Chris Huhne MP, Energy & Climate Minister who will lead the UK delegation at the negotiations, to highlight the need a global deal on climate change to be agreed in Durban.

What do you want to change?

NUS - I am the change campaign

The National Union of Students (NUS) have launched a new project called I Am The Change to encourage and support you to campaign for positive change at your college or university.

This change could be on anything you want, whether it be educational, community based, environmental, personal development, health and wellbeing, careers and politics.

Send a special email to your MSP

October 2011

If one of your MSPs is listed below, you have an important role to play in helping Scotland move towards a low carbon future.

The Scottish Government has published their draft budget, but it does not currently fund even the minimum activities required if we’re to meet the greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets in our Climate Change Act.

This group of MSPs has high influence when it comes to reducing Scotland’s emissions – if your MSP is listed below, please take action today.

Speak out for climate justice at the WDM speaker tour

If you don’t want to wait until December to speak out for climate justice, check out the WDM ‘Africa Demands Climate Justice’ speaker tour.

This is a rare opportunity to hear from two activists who seldom visit the UK. Both speakers work on the front line of the fight for environmental justice in South Africa, and as such are well placed to give campaigners in this country a sense of the urgency around the UN talks in Durban in December.

Check out the African Climate Connection!

African Climate Connection

26 November - 3 December

In the run up and during the first week of the UN Climate talks in Durban, South Africa, grassroots groups connected with each other and with the climate talks at African-themed events around the UK.

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