Stop Climate Chaos


Ask the government to put its money where its mouth is

Scotland’s Climate Change Act is world-leading. With a 42% emissions reduction target by 2020, it's in line with scientists' recommendations if we want to protect people and nature from the devastating impacts of climate change.

But while we're leading the way with our Climate Act, it'll be impossible to meet our commitments if there isn't adequate funding.

We must make sure that our government takes action to create a cleaner, greener and more sustainable Scotland, and a better world for us all.

The race is on for a low carbon Europe!

Join the race for a low carbon Europe
A growing number of top companies are leading the way for a low carbon economy by calling for stronger European climate targets.

Yet a number of car companies, including VW, BMW, Peugeot, Ford and GM are failing to commit to leadership on this critical issue.

These businesses need to make a choice between the clean economy of the future and the old, dirty economy of the past.

It's time to tell them to join the race for a low carbon Europe!

Urgent action: email your MEP ahead of EU vote on emissions reduction targets

On Tuesday 5th July, the European Parliament will vote on whether Europe should commit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2020 (the current target is a 20% reduction).

Although David Cameron has clearly stated the Conservative Party's position to support an increase in the EU targets, some rebel Tory MEPs may vote against it.

The EU must show leadership on the issue of climate change. We need to put as much pressure as possible on MEPs before Tuesday.

You can help do this using the buttons below either by asking David Cameron to put pressure on Conservative MEPs (action hosted by 38 degrees), or by e-mailing your local MEP directly (action hosted by Christian Aid) - or even better, you can do both!

Demand a better Energy Bill!

The Energy Bill is now in front of MPs and it isn't good enough. Tell your MP you want a better Bill that keeps the Government's promises on:

  • Lower fuel bills for everyone
  • Warmer, healthier homes
  • The Climate Act
  • Green jobs and a clean economy
  • International leadership

Ask your Scottish election candidates to take climate change seriously

This action is now closed

As the Scottish elections approach, now is the time to put pressure on our future MSPs to ensure Scotland makes its fair contribution to tackle climate change and achieve the targets in the Scottish Climate Change Act. Parties and their candidates need to know that there are voters out there calling for action on climate change.

Make sure your election candidates know how important climate change is to you.

Take action with WWF: Scotland must walk the talk

Don't let Scotland go backwards on tackling climate change

The Scottish Government's draft plan on how to reduce our country's greenhouse gas emissions is too weak.

If it goes ahead as it is, we'll be unable to meet the targets in the Scottish Climate Change Act, which you campaigned so hard to get through.

With the most ambitious climate change legislation in the world, it's crucial that Scotland keeps walking the talk when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, leading the way towards a better future for people and wildlife.

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