Stop Climate Chaos


Ensure Scotland’s public bodies report on their climate change work

Scotland has the toughest targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of any country in the world – and our local authorities and other public bodies have a major part to play in making a success of our ambition.

Yet the Scottish Government does not plan to require our public bodies to report on what they are actually doing to reduce emissions – making it difficult to monitor their performance and therefore their overall progress.

Support the Big Climate Connection - e-mail your MP

You are invited to join thousands of people, in hundreds of constituencies throughout the country who will visit their MPs and tell them they care about climate change. Sign up to join a lobby meeting with your MP.

If you can’t go to the lobby in person, you can still send a letter to your MP to ask them to support a strong energy bill and concrete actions to enable progress in Cancun:

Set the agenda for the next Scottish Government!

This action has now closed

The Scottish elections next May seem like a long time away, but the political parties are already busy writing their manifestos - which means that right now they are deciding what they will do if they become the next government.

So now is a great time to influence what they put in their manifestos, especially as October marks the party conference season, and what's going in the manifestos will be a hot topic for debate.

Join The Big Climate Connection!

Help us lobby MPs across the country on 5th and 6th November for the Big Climate Connection!

You can find out more about the Big Climate Connection here.

Find out which constituency you’re in and who your MP is by entering your postcode here.

Get your Climate Question into the leaders’ debates

Ask the Climate Question

The three contenders to be Prime Minister faced each other in a televised debate for the first time on Thursday 15th April.

And there was no climate question.

There will be two more debates in the next two weeks, so we need to grab these chances to put the leaders on the spot and show them – along with the rest of the UK – that we want them to commit to taking effective action on climate change.

Keep Scotland ambitious!

Scotland’s plans for tackling climate change are the most ambitious in the world, thanks to the efforts of thousands of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland supporters. We need your help to keep it that way.

The Scottish Government will soon be making its proposal about how the ambitious targets in the Climate Change Act can be met – it’s the crucial first stage of putting the Act into practice.

Let’s urge the government to keep taking a lead on climate change and to propose early and ambitious cuts for greenhouse gas emissions in Scotland.

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