Stop Climate Chaos


Get Serious About CO2

Is your council serious about climate change?

The latest science tells us that carbon emissions need to fall now and fall fast to avoid dangerous climate change.

But the good news is that local action to cut CO2 will boost the local economy, create jobs and slash your fuel bills.

Councils have a big part to play in tackling climate change and we want them to do much more right now. They must commit to cutting emissions in their area by at least 40 per cent by 2020.

Councils can reach this goal if they get more support from national government.

End Our Reliance on Dirty Power

Ensure new power sources are emissions reductive!

As our old dirty coal power stations begin to phase out, we need to switch to clean green energy sources. A carbon emissions performance standard (EPS) is an effective way of regulating emissions by setting the maximum amount of carbon dioxide that can be emitted per unit of energy produced by a power station (g CO2/kwh). This would cap emissions from power generation.

Upon the advice of the Climate Change Committee, an Early Day Motion has been proposed. To keep global warming below 2 degrees C, this will:

Join the Climate Emergency Parliament

Have your say on the UK Government’s measures on climate change on Campaign Against Climate Change’s Climate Emergency Parliament.

The Climate Emergency Parliament is all about taking the emergency measures on climate change that the government is failing to... in particular a package of radical commitments at the national level that will send a strong positive message to the international community meeting at the Copenhagen Talks at the end of the year.

Email Iain Gray for a strong Scottish climate bill

On Wednesday 24th June, MSPs will vote on the final amendments to the Scottish Climate Change Bill. This is our last chance to remind our Parliament and Government of our expectations and their promises.

SCIAF have setup an action so you can email Iain Gray MSP, leader of the Labour group at the Scottish Parliament, to prompt him to strengthen the proposed bill.

Take the Christian Aid Countdown to Copenhagen pledge

Join Christian Aid's campaign to ensure an effective deal is done at the Copenhagen talks. All the pledges will be gathered together and sent to the prime minister.

You can also put yourself on the Countdown to Copenhagen map.

Change Your World with Sustrans

Change Your World is the exciting new campaign from Sustrans.

On their whizzy new site you can pledge to swap one car trip for a more enjoyable walk or cycle, or to catch public transport or car-share. There's even a game to play!

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