Stop Climate Chaos


Take UNICEF's email your MP action

UNICEF have a great action where you can email your MP about green energy. It is particularly relevant as we need to be keeping the pressure on government to implement the Climate Change Act through investment in renewable energy, and not just by trading in 'carbon credits'.

'Make the link' with Practical Action

Practical Action are trying to encourage world leaders to make the link between climate change and poverty. They have an action on their site enabling you to contact Gordon Brown to persuade him to review the policy around emissions and resourcing for adaptation.

Greenpeace's call for green energy action

Greenpeace have created an action where you can send Ed Miliband a message calling for development of the new Kingsnorth power station to end, and for a boost to renewable energy and action on energy efficiency.

Oxfam's 'No to new coal' action

E.ON are the company poised waiting for the Government decision, ready to start building a new coal power station at Kingsnorth. If you'd like to email Paul Golby (CEO of E.ON) about Kingsnorth, Oxfam have an action on their website where you can do just that.

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