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Cancun climate talks: A small step forward

Dai the SCC Cymru dragon on his way to Cancun

The UN Climate Talks in Cancun are now over and finally we have some good news. Of course your interpretation of good news depends on where you’re coming from, and coming from last year’s failed negotiations in Copenhagen, any step forward is a relief.

The agreement is far from what we need from a global climate deal but it is something for us to work on and strengthen and a reason for hope.

You can read more about what SCC coalition members think about the outcome in the links below, but the headlines are:

  • All countries must cut emissions, and countries’ pledges to reduce emissions will be managed under the UNFCCC.
  • The agreement includes a pledge to keep global warming to less than 2 degrees, and to reduce global emissions 50% by 2050.
  • Current pledges are nowhere near enough to achieve these pledges, but we at least have a target to hold governments to.
  • A climate fund has been launched. Many are uneasy that the World Bank will be a Trustee of the fund, but there will be more developing countries than developed countries on the board.
  • Finance will be provided to countries that cut emissions by reducing deforestation.

More from SCC member organisations:

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