Stop Climate Chaos

People power has helped tip the balance on new carbon targets!

The government has now accepted the advice of the independent Committee on Climate Change and agreed to strong climate change targets for the UK.

Last week the government was split on whether to accept this advice, but pressure from people like you, as well as an outcry from Stop Climate Chaos organisations and other groups like Green Alliance and 38 Degrees, pushed David Cameron to step in and do the right thing.

It’s great news that Cameron intervened to agree these targets, but there is of course still work to be done: Get-out-clauses have been introduced including a review of the targets in 2014, and the current targets have not been tightened as recommended. And we have yet to see how these targets will be put into action.

Here's what SCC organisations are saying about the agreed climate change targets.

MPs now have an opportunity to put these targets into action!

Parliament is currently debating an Energy Bill. This includes legislation to make homes more energy efficient and help meet our carbon targets, but it needs to be much more ambitious if it is to significantly lower the UK's carbon emissions.

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