Stop Climate Chaos

Clean, green energy

Generating energy from renewable sources will keep the lights on. The UK has access to the best wind and wave power in Europe*. Tapping into these resources makes economic sense. UK offshore wind and wave power could generate £3 billion and create 160,000 jobs. And it can put us in charge of our energy supply. The elements will not expire. Capturing their energy is becoming more cost competitive while global fuel costs are rising. Germany already generates 15 per cent of its energy from renewable sources, yet the UK is struggling to hit 4 per cent. We need to be smart, invest in renewable energy, increase energy efficiency, and do it now.

The Stop Climate Chaos Coalition calls on the Government to make renewable energy the number one energy choice and take immediate action to put the UK on a path to meet at least 15% of our energy needs from a home-grown UK renewable energy industry by 2020.

You can take action and help make this happen.


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