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Certain areas of the website require you to login. Sorry!

We know this can be a pain but this is simply so spammers can't abuse our site to spam MPs, etc.

All you need to register is your name, postcode, and a valid email address. If you haven't already, please register here!

Of course you only want to receive emails you ask for, so once you're logged in (or when registering) you can set whether or not you want to receive emails from us as well. We will never share your data with anyone else, without your permission.

Join us!

The Stop Climate Chaos Coalition is open to any not-for-profit organisation (eg. registered charities, membership organisations, etc) or community group (eg. local groups, virtual networks, etc) that want to campaign for Government action to help limit global warming.

The more of us there are, the stronger we will be!

To find out more about how to get involved please email admin[at] (replace the [at] with an @ symbol) or call us on 0207 802 9989.


At certain places around the site we will be putting a ShareThis button, like the one at the bottom of this story. Hopefully this will be quite straight forward, but in case it's a bit daunting, here's the gist.

If you click the button, it should open a little window with the headers social web, send/email and post.

  • Social web allows you to bookmark or log the story.
  • Send/email means you can email the story without having to open your own email service.
  • Post allows you to add the story to your profile on a selection of websites.

We'll add this to our Actions page and similar as soon as we can, but in the meantime please do link to our actions on digg, facebook, etc.

Also, why not click the button below to see how it will all work.


One thing that we're hoping you will find really useful about our new site is our new tag cloud (see mish mash of words in the lefthand column!)

Our tag cloud displays all of the tags that we have used across the site. As the tag is used more the tag appears bigger within the list, until the most popular tags turn orange.

If you click on any of these tags, they will show you all of the articles we have put on the site within that subject range.

RSS Feeds

Hopefully you will have noticed our blue speech bubbles of news coming through live from across the coalition (if not, look immediately to the right of this now!) These are picking up the RSS feeds from our member organisations' websites, so that you can see at a glance all the recent climate change campaign news.


You may not have come across OpenID before, but hopefully you will do more and more around the web. It is an 'open standard' that allows you to use one set of login details to sign in to many websites.


Put another way, if you already have an account (email or otherwise) with Yahoo, Wordpress, Flickr, Blogger, or accounts with many other orgs, you can use those login details to login to our site!
No additional usernames and passwords to remember!


Unless you are a bit of a web guru, these might be quite an alien idea for you, and they are not in anyway crucial to how you use the site, so this article may be better left to those techies who are interested...

We at Stop Climate Chaos are constantly striving for high standards in the materials we provide for you, and microformatting is another way that we can give you more.

The idea is that it helps your browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc) help you interact with our content.

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