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Procurement Reform Bill consultation response

“Scotland has set world leading targets in our Climate Change legislation and we have the opportunity to show similar leadership in sustainable procurement.”
Scottish Government's Sustainable Procurement Action Plan, 2009


This is the response to the Procurement Reform Bill Consultation from Stop Climate Chaos Scotland.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is concerned that the initial intention behind this Bill, to achieve more sustainable procurement, has been lost. Indeed, this change of focus is reflected in the renaming of the proposed Bill from Sustainable Procurement Bill to Procurement Reform Bill.

In summer 2012, the latest figures confirmed that Scottish emissions had increased and, indeed, the first legally-binding target set under the Scottish Climate Change Act had been missed. The proposed Bill could provide an opportunity to deliver significant emissions reductions in Scotland, contributing towards emissions targets.

Carbon markets won't save the rainforest - we must tackle the route causes of deforestation

Responding to the launch of the Environmental Audit Committee's report on how to stop emissions from deforestation, Friends of the Earth argued that money alone wouldn't save rainforests.

Campaigners land blow on 'oil and gas' bank

The government has been roundly criticised from various quarters for the use of public cash to bail out and prop up RBS. Scandals over Sir Fred's pension and now the ten million pound salary and bonus package for the new RBS boss have been grabbing headlines and stoking public outrage. And rightly so. Now the World Development Movement, along with PLATFORM and People and Planet, have dealt a further blow to the government's hands off approach to how it manages the billions of pounds of taxpayers' money poured into the self-styled 'oil and gas' bank.

Government faces environmental legal challenge over RBS

The World Development Movement, PLATFORM and People & Planet have today launched legal action against the Treasury for allowing public money, poured into the Royal Bank of Scotland to be invested in energy companies, and projects linked to climate change and human rights violations.

Scotland 'leads the world' in the fight against climate change

Wednesday 24th June 2009

The Scottish Parliament today led the world by passing the strongest climate change legislation of any industrialised nation.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland lobbying at Holyrood - image Maverick Photo Agency

Scotland's Climate Bill on the verge of leading the world

Coalition group hails Government amendment and urges MSPs to fix remaining loopholes.

Scotland's climate change legislation is once again on the verge of being 'world leading' said campaigners today (Tuesday 23 June). The Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) coalition made the call in response to a Scottish Government amendment tabled last night, after the main deadline, which calls for a reduction of 42% in Scotland's climate emissions by 2020 from 1990 levels. Until last night the Government was only supporting a 34% reduction from the start.

Miliband must end coal emissions

A call for an end to dirty coal emissions by Stop Climate Chaos Coalition members, Christian Aid, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Oxfam, RSPB, WDM and WWF UK, has been published in the Guardian.

World Governments Urged to do More to End the Recession

At the end of March, ahead of the London G20 Summit, the Put People First alliance – made up of over 160 unions, development agencies, faith and environmental groups – brought 35,000 people onto the streets of London, where they marched for action on jobs and climate change, and justice for the world’s poor.

After the Summit, Put People First welcomed positive moves made in London, such as a commitment to better regulation of the global financial system and a promise to crack down on tax havens, but said that much more still needed to be done.

Energy Bill: Renewable energy proposals must be strengthened

A coalition of trade bodies, unions and charities is calling for Government plans to introduce a feed-in tariff into its Energy Bill to be significantly strengthened so that people are given real financial incentives to install green energy systems

Coalition leaders' open letter to Brown published in Guardian

The leaders of Stop Climate Chaos Coalition wrote to the Guardian on the 10th October to hold Gordon Brown to his promise to meet 15% of our energy needs from UK renewables by 2020.

The letter was printed and published on the Guardian website.

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