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Connecting with Climate Action in Qatar

Final day at the Doha climate talks UNFCCC flickr

The Doha Climate talks drew to a close on Saturday 8th December, a day later than planned.

Unfortunately the extra day didn't reflect an increase in ambition and the talks were widely greeted with disappointment that no progress was seen on increasing cuts to carbon emissions or providing the climate finance that poor countries need to adapt to climate change.

One minor development was the recognition that poor countries need help to deal with the 'loss and damage' incurred through extreme weather as a result of climate change. The details of how this will work are yet to be worked out, but it does mean the financial costs of failing to act on climate change will now be a part of the negotiations.

This makes it more important than ever that civil society continues to hold governments to account. We are keeping up the pressure on the UK Government, and you can join in by signing our Christmas card to David Cameron, asking him to take the reins on climate change

For a round-up of what happened at the talks, and reactions to the outcome, see the coverage from our coalition members One Climate and Responding to Climate Change

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