Stop Climate Chaos

The November Big Climate Connection

Big Climate Connection lobby with Nick Clegg

Starting on 5-6th November last year, people across the UK from all walks of life – from supporters of environment and development groups, to local community groups and health professionals - joined up to lobby more than 220 MPs as part of the Big Climate Connection.

Small-scale green energy schemes could generate more electricity than two nuclear power stations

Small-scale renewable electricity schemes could generate more than twice the output of Sizewell B nuclear power station by 2020 if Ministers improve the proposed Clean Energy Cash-back scheme due to be launched in April 2010, Friends of the Earth says.

'No New Coal without CCS' Says Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change has announced the Government’s long-awaited response to its ‘clean coal’ consultation. In it he announced that ‘no new coal-fired power stations would be built without carbon capture and storage (CCS)’, and that all such stations should have full CCS by 2025.

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