Stop Climate Chaos

It’s coal, not nuclear, that is the important issue today

With Kingsnorth on hold, what future for coal in the UK?

National policy statements sound cool. They sound like they might actually sort stuff out. Instead of scrabbling around doing little bits of policy here and there, like some sort of policy tapas, a NPS means you're going for the policy hog roast - go on, have a big national slab of policy sir, there you go.

Dump dirty coal and generate clean energy vision

In its National Policy Statements on energy - published today - the Government fails to make it clear how we could rule out dirty coal for good.

Miliband energy announcements - Greenpeace responce

Commenting on energy minister Ed Miliband's announcements on more nuclear power stations today, Ben Ayliffe, head of Greenpeace's nuclear campaign, said:

"Miliband can name as many sites as he likes for new nuclear power stations, but the fact remains that the figures simply don't add up.

"Even the Thatcher government realised this. It was exactly 20 years ago to the day that they pulled nuclear plants from the energy privatisation scheme when they realised that nuclear power was not an attractive investment for private companies. And it still isn't.

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