Stop Climate Chaos

Ofgem energy review shows urgent need to go green

A review by energy watchdog Ofgem today reveals the urgent need to go green, Friends of the Earth said.

E.ON have shelved Kingsnorth plans

E.ON has shelved its plans for a new dirty coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth! Marking a huge campaign victory for all of us in the coalition, and beyond, news came through last night that the energy company is delaying a decision on Kingsnorth for three years!

Your sustained campaigning has undoubtedly had a big impact on this decision. It just goes to show that campaigning works.

Coalition welcome Miliband renewable announcement

The Government today launched its Low Carbon Transition Plan - a route map towards achieving a 34% reduction in UK greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. In response, Ashok Sinha, Director of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition said

Members of our coalition will welcome this announcement. Ed Miliband must be congratulated for at last offering a step-wise plan to tackling the UK’s carbon emissions.

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