Stop Climate Chaos

An Urgent Call for Support as Vestas Evict Workers

Since the 20th July workers have been occupying Vestas blades, which is the UK’s only wind blade factory, in protest at plans to close it down and axe 625 jobs.

A wide range of people have been down on the island in support of the occupation for the duration. Two days ago, a group of activists occupied the roof of a second Vestas facility in support of the workers at Vestas Blades.

Doncaster rallies Miliband in Climate Justice - Climate Care

Doncaster played host to a successful Climate Change Rally last Saturday (11th July), organised by members of the coalition including CAFOD, Tearfund, Christian Aid, Operation Noah and Doncaster Minster.

Over 400 people joined the climate change march. Donny the Dog, Doncaster Rover's lucky mascot, clowns, school children, factory workers and local groups of social justice organisations made a spectacle parading through the town centre on Saturday morning.

First Mili-band of the summer - Saturday 4th July

Stop Climate Chaos members Oxfam, WDM, RSPB, People & Planet, NUS, Christian Aid & the WI got together on 4 July to put on the first Mili-band of the summer, at the Kingsnorth summer fête.
A Mili-band

Approx 1,000 people gathered in Kent to send a dramatic message to Ed Miliband.
Making a Mili-band!

Stars go blue in the face for climate change

Oxfam have produced a new Stop Climate Chaos video for Glastonbury as part of their Here and Now climate change campaign.

The video features Fatboy Slim, Jarvis Cocker, VV Brown, Little Boots and more, and they want you to join them 'demanding action until you're blue in the face'. They've also got photographer Rankin to take some great shots of everyone involved. Have a sneak preview below!

Take Part in the Climate Emergency Parliament

In the build up to the Climate Change talks in Copenhagen, Campaign against Climate Change is holding a Climate Emergency Parliament, using the proposals in their online parliament.

On Wednesday 15th Julyat 6pm, Parliament Square will be filling Parliament Square discussing bills on:
1. 10% reductions in UK Greenhouse gases by the end of 2010
2. A million Green Jobs and emergency insulation program
3. Banning all domestic flights by the end of 2010
4. A 55 mph national speed limit

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