Stop Climate Chaos

Come to the fête that could save the climate

We've made some progress on the coal campaign lately, with Climate and Energy Minister Ed Miliband finally ruling out any new coal-fired power stations that don't capture a proportion of the carbon they emit. But that's not nearly enough to save the climate.

The next few months will be crucial in persuading Ed to go all the way before the government announces a decision on new coal fired power plants. We need your help to show Ed and the government that opposition to new dirty coal is growing across the country.

Last chance for a strong Scottish Climate Change Bill

The next month is vital for Stop Climate Chaos Scotland’s campaign on the Scottish Climate Change Bill. The Parliament is likely to make the final changes to the draft law on 24 and 25 June. We only have one month to make all the noise we can!

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is organising a mass lobby of the Scottish Parliament on 24th June from 12 - 2.30pm. We aim to bring people from across Scotland to the Parliament to speak directly to their MSPs in support of early, tough action on climate change.

Climate Change Rally in Doncaster

A wide coalition of schools, churches, community and environmental groups are planning a mass rally on climate change on Saturday July 11th in Doncaster. During the event, there will be the opportunity to quiz Ed Miliband MP, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

WI launch their climate change campaign

Stop Climate Chaos member, the Women's Institute, launched their Women and Climate Change campaign today (11 May) with a Question Time style debate. The event was very successful and the campaign looks great, have a look on their website.

People & Planet descends on Scottish Parliament to Stop Climate Chaos

A number of Scottish P&P groups joined an April rally outside the Scottish Parliament as part of the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland coalition. Ben Miller, Regional Rep for South Scotland reported.

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