Stop Climate Chaos

First Mili-band of the summer - Saturday 4th July

Stop Climate Chaos members Oxfam, WDM, RSPB, People & Planet, NUS, Christian Aid & the WI got together on 4 July to put on the first Mili-band of the summer, at the Kingsnorth summer fête.
A Mili-band

Approx 1,000 people gathered in Kent to send a dramatic message to Ed Miliband.
Making a Mili-band!
© Justin Sutcliffe / Oxfam
It was a fun, family-friendly day out with a fête atmosphere: music, dancing, and blue face-painting. We formed a giant human band, and sent a few mexican waves up and down it, and all around the Kingsnorth power station holding Oxfam's 'Climate Change Kills' sashes.

This should have sent an unmissable message to Ed Miliband that a clean, low-carbon future can be the only way forward and that we need to put poor people at the heart of the UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen this December.
Get Cape Wear Cape Fly at the Mili-band
© Justin Sutcliffe / Oxfam
The event was in The Times, the BBC, the Guardian, was tweeted about and is here on Facebook.

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