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COP15 conclusions and the Colossal Fossil of the Year - 18th December

COP15 is still wrapping up, and the sense that more progress should have been made is tangible. Barack Obama's big speech today failed to commit the USA to anything more than they had previously signed up to, although you might not have noticed from his language, "we can act boldly, and decisively".

The 'twittersphere' seems to be reflecting that one of the favourite quotes of the proceedings came from Chavez earlier in the week where he railed against the capitalist countries, stating that, 'if the climate were a bank it would have been saved already'.

As often happens for delegates at these UN talks, world leaders have been asked to stay overnight in Copenhagen to secure a deal by Ban Ki-moon, so we will post an update over the weekend to let you know what develops.

Even though the talks so far have failed to achieve the necessary minimum commitment to keep global warming below 2°C, and are being greeted as an international stalemate over commitments to reduce emissions, a Fossil of the Year has been chosed from the underwhelming richer nations at the talks.
Picketing outside Australian embassy
Delivering the Fossil of the Day award at the Australian embassy last night
We have delivered the Fossil of the Day award to the US 3 times this week, and once to Australia, but today is the Fossil of the Year. For their truly appalling and inflexible approach to the talks, Canada has been selected as the Fossil of the Year and we're in Trafalgar Square to highlight their lack of engagement with the talks.

When announcing the award in Copenhagen, Ben Wikler of Avaaz said:

Fossil of the Year goes to Canada, for bringing a totally unacceptable position into Copenhagen and refusing to strengthen it one bit. Canada’s 2020 target is among the worst in the industrialized world, and leaked cabinet documents revealed that the governments is contemplating a cap-and-trade plan so weak that it would put even that target out of reach.

For images of COP15, The Guardian have compiled a moving gallery of images from people in Copenhagen.

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