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Show how Green is Working locally!

Green is Working Cardiff Friends of the Earth stunt
Cardiff Friends of the Earth group doing a local Green is Working Stunt

If you’re inspired by our national stunt, why not organise something in your local area?

Firstly, find out about Green Economy success stories near you: Download some great Green Alliance Fact Sheets on how the green economy is working in each region (.pdf).

There are a few ways you could join in locally:

Join a public meeting near you

We're working with other organisations to coordinate 'Energy we can all afford' public meetings across the UK.

Find out if there's one near you, or organise one in your area

Organise a joint local photo action

Green is working because...
Green is Working photo action
Get some people together to show us how green is working in your area: you could use your own examples, or some of the Green Alliance regional facts (.pdf document).

See what others have done here.

And you can also send it to your MP (find their contact details).

Meet your MP

Make sure your MP knows that there are key decisions this Autumn that will determine whether we meet our targets in the Climate Act – and that green business is a success story.

Find out who your MP is, and their contact details

If you're meeting your MP, please:

  • Use local examples to show how the green is working near you (see the Green Alliance fact sheets for some great regional information on the success of the green economy - pdf document).
  • Ask your MP to support our demands, and ask them to write to David Cameron asking him to support them: Find out what we want the government to do this Autumn, and download briefings on the issues from our 'asks' page.

Do get in touch if you want any advice, and to tell us about your local action or meeting. Good luck!

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