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Green is Working!

It’s time David Cameron started taking our Green Economy seriously

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We know that the UK's Green Economy is working. Last year, while the UK's economy struggled, our green economy flourished. In fact, 1/3 of the UK's economic growth came from green business.

This is good news: With climate change impacts already being felt around the world by wildlife and the world’s poorest communities, we need to do all we can to fight it.

Recent reports on the Green Economy

Check out Green Alliance’s recent report on how the Green Economy is proving a UK success story.

And the Confederation of British Industry's infographic on the success of the Green Economy so far - and how the UK can make the most of it.

Opportunities this Autumn

But the government is still not taking its green commitments seriously.

The government has two key opportunities to deliver on the Climate Act this Autumn:

  1. An Energy Bill is going through Parliament this year, and we need it to include a clear target to make sure electricity generation is zero carbon by 2030. The Energy Bill is a once in a generation opportunity to clean up the power sector and ensure the targets in the Climate Act are embedded in the UK’s energy policy.
  2. We need greenhouse gas emissions from international aviation and shipping to be counted in the UK’s carbon targets. The government must include these by the end of 2012.

The government's own independent advisors (the Committee on Climate Change) have recommended that both of these actions are taken, and we want to make sure the government takes this advice.

We’ll be campaigning throughout the Autumn to make sure politicians stand by our growing green economy and listen to the Committee’s advice.

Come to our 'Green is Working' stunt! On the 18th October, we're inviting the whole Stop Climate Chaos coalition (and many others) to come together to show support for the Climate Act and our green economy. Find out more and RSVP.

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