Stop Climate Chaos

Shared Planet 2008: 21 -23 November, Birmingham

Here's why you should put it in your diary and book your place now...

Climate Camp: A Life Changing Experience

Amanda Grimm a 2nd year student in the People & Planet group at the University of Edinburgh reports back on her experience at the Climate camp.

To BEE solar powered or not to BEE

Today the drums are beating about BEE and worker BEE a newly developed solar powered communications hub/system. BEE has been “developed by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in conjunction with their partners, to provide connectivity, information, and opportunity to people and communities in remote or emergency situations”. Queen BEE and Worker BEE come in [...]

Weekly 'good living' guide: Fashion

45181scr.jpgTwo weeks ago we posted the first instalment of our Weekly Good Living guide - which, if you happened to miss the last one, was the first in a series of five blogs where we're discussing how lifestyle changes can have a big benefit for poor people.

The amount of responses we received to the first post was, quite frankly, brilliant. We've been extremely chuffed to see many of you are considering poor farmers and taking cutting your carbon emissions seriously.

Demand climate justice - email your MEP

Europe's stance at next year's crucial climate talks is already taking shape.

Clergy pedal tougher climate law message

Climate-concerned clergy got on their bikes to deliver 10,000 signatures collected by Tearfund calling for tougher UK government action on carbon emissions.
The church leaders came from across England as part of the Stop Climate Chaos Campaign.
The petition from Tearfund supporters was handed into 10 Downing Street calling for a Climate Change Bill that is tough enough to deliver for poor people.

UNISON calls for windfall tax after British Gas profits soar

(21/02/08) Energy supplier British Gas reports annual profits of £571m - just weeks after huge price hike

Low Carbon Man

Tearfund has a new superhero for Lent – Low Carbon Man.
Climate change campaigner Ben Clowney is taking on this alter ego to promote Tearfund’s Carbon Fast – 40 days of simple energy saving actions.

David Cameron on climate change

As the Conservatives meet for their annual conference, watch our exclusive interviews with David Cameron.

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