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Working the local media

African Connection media coverage

Getting media coverage for your Rio Connection event will ensure that many more people in your community notice that there’s a local climate movement. Your MP will realise this as well, so securing media coverage is a good way to add weight to your lobbying. If you don’t have the time or energy to organise media work, then maybe someone else in your area could?

Spread the word about your event!

Flyers and posters

Rio Connection poster
Good places to display posters include: local cafés, shops, libraries, community centres, town hall etc.

Making and continuing local connections

Making local connections...

Getting as many groups as possible involved will make your event more lively, help build useful connections in your area and demonstrate the breadth of local climate concern to your MP.

You’ll probably find there are lots of different groups in your area that are concerned about sustainability issues in one way or another - or others that may want to share their talents to help with sports events or making carnival costumes!

Join the Rio Connection!

Rio Connection

16th-22nd June

20 years on from the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, government representatives from around the world met again for the 2012 ‘Rio+20’ summit, to discuss sustainable development.

Rio Connection in Scotland: what are we asking for?

Rio Connection banner

We’ve achieved a lot since the original Earth Summit in 1992. But we need our government to remain committed to delivering a green economy for the Scotland.

The Rio+20 summit is an opportunity to remind politicians in the UK that sustainable development must remain a political priority.

At your Rio Connection event, please ask your MSP to support our Rio Connection in Scotland Declaration:

SCCS response to inquiry into renewable energy targets

29th February 2012

The Scottish Parliament's Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee is conducting an inquiry into the Scottish Government's renewable energy targets.

You can read the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland submission to the inquiry online here here.

Rio Connection: What are we asking for?

Rio Connection E-mail action
Ask your MP or Welsh Assembly Member to sign the Rio-UK Declaration and show they are on board for a fair and green economy (more on the Declaration below).

Lets get our political representatives fighting for a sustainable future!

E-mail your MP now.

SCCS briefing on climate justice

28th February 2012

The Scottish Parliament will debate the the issue of climate justice later this week (Thursday 1st March).

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland produced a parliamentary briefing about this in order to inform the debate. You can read the briefing online here.

Back a 100% renewable Scotland

Make sure that the ambition for 100% of our electricity needs to be sourced from renewable energy by 2020 stays on track. Tell the Scottish Parliament that you want a clean, green energy future for Scotland.

Take action today, visit:

Help keep tar sands out of Europe

Tar sands produce 3-5 times the carbon emissions associated with crude oil production, bad news for a low carbon economy.

Yet the UK Government, under pressure from Canada which produces most of the world’s tar sands, is refusing to support an EU proposal that would effectively ban tar sands from European import.

We still have a chance to reverse our government’s position before the vote on 23 February.

Tell Norman Baker and Nick Clegg there is no place for dirty oil in a green European Union!

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