Stop Climate Chaos

SCC Campaigner's submission welcomed by Leveson Inquiry

David Golding

Dr David Golding CBE, a Stop Climate Chaos campaigner based in North East England has made a detailed submission to the Leveson Inquiry, part of which looks at climate scepticism in the media.

His submission has been welcomed by the Inquiry team and will be published as part of the Inquiry's evidence.

David says, "I contend that the behaviour of the press relating to some of the great issues of the day not infrequently constitutes gross professional misconduct, by involving blatant distortion of the facts and demonstrating utter contempt for the responsibility to provide well informed and balanced treatment.

"whilst the scientific evidence for man-made climate change, and for the
unprecedented dangers it poses for humanity, has grown stronger by the year, large sections of the media continue to be governed by obdurate prejudice on this issue.

"Much of the press is currently complicit in an almighty gamble - a gamble with the welfare of the whole of humanity, risking bequeathing to our children and grandchildren a veritable hell on earth."

The full text of the submission, entitled 'Old-style/New-style Abuse of Press Freedom' can be found here.

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