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What a great day! Really inspiring speeches and music in the park (despite the odd spot of rain)

Have a look at some of our pictures and video of the day on Flickr, and check out the coverage on the BBC, CNN and Guardian sites.

Glen Tarman of BOND, chair of Put People First, said:

The G20 appears to have made progress on some critical issues but there are also missed opportunities, especially on building a green economy, and causes for real concern in other areas. G20 leaders have not yet gone far enough on the fundamental changes the world needs.
Our campaign for jobs, justice and climate has clearly made some impact, but three big tests remain:

  • Will the G20, the UN and the Copenhagen climate conference do far more to break from the failed policies that brought about the global crisis?
  • Will governments agree a comprehensive package of policies that will deliver a new financial architecture and ensure the world emerges from the global recession as a fairer and green place?
  • Where there are positive words today, will they be turned into action tomorrow?

Put People First – and campaigners all around the world - will continue to make the case for change throughout this critical year. Wherever world leaders go to discuss these issues they will hear the voices of ordinary people demanding change.

As we were hoping for 10,000 the police estimate of 35,000 and Sky's 40,000 was fantastic! A huge thank you to everyone who joined in, and we're looking forward to seeing you on the huge climate march in December (and all the other events we're lining up for the summer!)

Stop Climate Chaos
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