Stop Climate Chaos

Quit dirty coal

It’s time to end our reliance on dirty coal power, and instead boost the UK’s renewable energy supply to help build a green economy and create new jobs.

Burning coal has contributed 50 per cent of the build up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today*. We must stop emissions from coal urgently if we are to keep global warming below 2 degrees C.

The UK must lead by example and say no to coal power stations without CCS. This is an experimental method of removing the CO2 pumped out of power stations - not one commercial station worldwide is fitted with the technology yet. There is unlikely to be a safe, affordable solution any time soon and we can't wait until one is found. The UK must show leadership by phasing out coal without carbon capture, showing other big emitters across the globe how it’s done. If they follow suit, this will have the biggest effect on limiting global warming below the 2°C threshold.

The Stop Climate Chaos Coalition calls on Government to:

  • Withhold permission for new coal power stations to be built that cannot capture their carbon emissions, such as the planned plant in Kingsnorth, Kent.
  • Introduce a tough legally-binding carbon emissions limit that all new power stations cannot exceed if they are to be given permission to be built.

*The Threat to the Planet, Dark and Bright Sides of Global Warming, Jim Hansen, September 2008

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