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Case studies on ‘climate adaptation’ projects overseas

Friday 1st June 2012

For many of the world’s poorest people, from Malawi to Bangladesh, Niger to Haiti, the impacts of climate change already mean the difference between life and death. For people living in what are already some of the most inhospitable climates in the world, increasing temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns – caused by climate change – mean the difference between being able to grow crops successfully, to reliably access water and to protect homes from flooding.

Global warming is already having a severe impact on those least able to adapt to those changes and particularly to cope with extreme weather events. There are innovative examples of how poor communities can be assisted to cope with the effects of climate change and improve their quality of life, for example agroforestry and sustainable agriculture systems, community telecentres and farmer field schools. These types of activities are known as ‘climate adaptation’.

The new Climate Justice Fund, launched by the Scottish Government on Thursday 31st May 2012, will fund climate adaptation in developing countries. You can read three examples of how climate adaptation is helping people affected by the impacts of climate change are set out in our case studies via the linked photos below:

Vernia Saint Peaux case study

Vernia Saint Peaux, Haiti

Mary Ligomba case study

Mary Ligomba, Malawi

Sorn Chhai case study

Sorn Chhai, Cambodia

Watch a video showing support from across Scotland for the fund.

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