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SCCS blog from Copenhagen: Part 10

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland @ Cop15
Richard Dixon
DAY Ten - by Dr Richard Dixon.
Wednesday 16th December 2009

It is remarkable how popular you become when you have bottles of whisky to give away. Stop Climate Chaos Scotland had some whisky specially created to celebrate the Scottish climate change act. It is called 2020 and is 42% alcohol and both Sam and I have spent too many hours fighting with the UN bureaucracy trying to get some of it into the Bella Center. A battle we finally won yesterday.

With the help of some very enthusiastic students from Edinburgh University we have made sure that our whisky has appeared at the Scottish event on Monday, yesterday’s Climate Group event and at the KlimaForum, the civil society climate conference also happening in the centre of town.

It has also featured heavily in speeches from Stewart Stevenson and Alex Salmond, the latter coming up with a great line about having to water it down for those countries that don’t set tough enough targets. This is exactly what we wanted, an iconic Scottish product, slightly quirky, but with a serious message.

The latest outing for Mr Salmond’s thoughts on the 42% whisky was the Climate Leaders Summit, an annual gathering of majors, governors, premier and ministers from regional governments around the world. The Scottish media have been tough on the First Minister’s decision to come to Copenhagen, the latest stupidity being that the trip was pointless because he wasn’t going to get his picture taken with Arnold Schwarzenegger. As it turned out he was a keynote speaker on a platform with a president, a former prime minister, two state premiers, a prince and the CEO of a major electric vehicles company. He was talking to an audience of a similar calibre and Scotland’s targets, and his description of the whisky, went down very well. He also signed an agreement to work together with the President of the Maldives. This was a serious contribution from Scotland in a serious forum and the naysayers should be ashamed.

The very positive contributions from local and regional governments contrasted sharply with the lack of progress, or even trust, in the official talks yesterday.

This evening is Earth Hour, when lights all over Copenhagen will be turned out at 7pm to send a message to the heads of state now arriving. There will be children’s parades, celebrities and UN Secretary General Ban-ki Moon. And possibly heavy snow.

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