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SCCS blog from Copenhagen: Part 8

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland @ Cop15
Richard Dixon
DAY Eight - by Dr Richard Dixon.
Monday 14th December 2009

Sunday was a day of planning, with an incredible seven hours’ worth for the international Climate Action Network. We had several frank assessments of where each of the key issues are at in the negotiations and which key countries are good, bad or indifferent on each of these. We also looked at how we would respond to the different possible outcomes this Friday or Saturday.

It was the traditional party for non-government organisations the night before, so many participants started the planning session rather sleepy. I met some ‘COP smokers’ outside, people who don’t smoke usually but are on 20 a day and plenty of coffee during a climate conference.

Before the strategy session I saw Archbishop Desmond Tutu speaking at the Hopenhagen rally in the centre of town. He presented the UN’s Yvo de Boer with a large cardboard clock saying that time was running out. The large crowd also could see electric cars and hear all about wave power as well as listening to live bands.

Nearby is WWF’s Arctic tent with a life-size ice sculpture of a polar bear. This has been melting for a week and is now a very striking half skeleton.

Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest for the negotiators at the Bella Center but of course most of the environment ministers have now turned up so they have been meeting in their regional groups and between regions to try to understand agendas and blockages and agree starting points for the week ahead.

Today sees a series of Scottish events in town, with Stewart Stevenson doing his bit with youth delegations and then telling the world about the Scottish Climate Act. Alex Salmond turns up for a meal with guests in the evening and a series of meetings tomorrow.

It snowed today.

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