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SCCS blog from Copenhagen: Part 9

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Richard Dixon
DAY Nine - by Dr Richard Dixon.
Tuesday 15th December 2009

There was double chaos at the Bella Center yesterday. At the negotiations the African grouping decided that the industrialised countries were not serious about a new phase of the Kyoto Protocol, the only legal instrument that can set targets for those countries. They refused to take part in other formal talks until this was resolved and so many hours of toing and froing by the UN secretariat ensued until everyone’s nerves were calmed and things got going again.

On the mundane level a huge group of people were left queuing for up to eight hours to try and register to get in. At least one person had to be taken away with hypothermia. Michael from Oxfam braved sub-zero temperatures in a kilt to give out badges and lanyards with messages about Scotland’s targets.

Things will be even worse today when a new rationing system is introduced allowing only a third of each grouping in. WWF is already looking at space in a shopping centre to use as a base of operations, and have people called up to the Bella Center when their expertise is required.

I found our three intrepid MSPs Rob Gibson, Patrick Harvie and Cathy Peattie in the queue and persuaded them to cut their losses and head up to the Scottish event in a nearby concert hall.

The Scottish event was tremendous, with a full house of 150 people from Scotland and around the world, great presentations from Mary Robinson and a great group of MSc students from Edinburgh University. There were good discussions on how business is going to help deliver on our targets, on climate change and human rights, as well as comments from people from India, Singapore, Canada and the US about how they could use the example of Scotland’s climate act to get more done in their own countries.

The Scottish evening finished off with a meal with Alex Salmond and ministers from Canada and Northern Ireland.

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