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Climate Change Bill introduced to Scottish Parliament

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland has welcomed the introduction of a Climate Change Bill to the Scottish Parliament and has called on all MSPs to ensure it becomes a genuinely world leading piece of legislation.

Mike Robinson, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland said

Celebrating win on Scottish Climate Change Bill

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland are celebrating the news today that the Scottish Government plans to include annual targets, and emissions from aviation and shipping, in the Scottish Climate Change Bill.

Finance Minister John Swinney said that by including international aviation and shipping, emissions from all six greenhouse gases, and annual targets, Scotland will have the most ambitious Bill to tackle climate change anywhere in the world.

Edinburgh Question Time

The first in the series of Stop Climate Chaos ‘Question Time’ events took place in Edinburgh on the 6th October. Stop Climate Chaos Scotland organised it in partnership with People and Planet and Edinburgh University.

Around 200 students and members of the public packed in to quiz Members of the Scottish and Westminster Parliaments, along with NGO and Energy Industry representatives, about their views on Energy and Climate Change.

Royal Bank of Scotland sells its shares in Phulbari mine scheme

British bank Royal Bank of Scotland has sold its shares in Global Coal Management Resources (GCM ltd), the British company behind the Phulbari open-cast mine project in Bangladesh.

In August 2008, 110 organisations from across the world wrote to RBS calling on it to withdraw its investment from the disastrous Phulbari project. The British bank has now responded by selling its shares, held through subsidiary ABN Amro, and telling campaigners RBS is “no longer an investor in GCM Resources”.

Climate Camp: A Life Changing Experience

Amanda Grimm a 2nd year student in the People & Planet group at the University of Edinburgh reports back on her experience at the Climate camp.

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