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Climate change at 2012 local authority elections

Local authorities have a key role to play in reducing Scotland's greenhouse gas emissions. The local elections in May this year offer an opportunity for all political parties to renew their commitment to climate change action at the local level.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland has come together to identify five key areas which we would like to see all parties include in their manifestos for the local elections, to be taken forward by all local authorities after the elections.

SCCS response to inquiry into renewable energy targets

29th February 2012

The Scottish Parliament's Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee is conducting an inquiry into the Scottish Government's renewable energy targets.

You can read the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland submission to the inquiry online here here.

SCCS briefing on climate justice

28th February 2012

The Scottish Parliament will debate the the issue of climate justice later this week (Thursday 1st March).

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland produced a parliamentary briefing about this in order to inform the debate. You can read the briefing online here.

Scottish Government has heard our campaign asks: more funding announced for cycling and walking

Wednesday 8th February 2012

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland welcomes today’s announcement from John Swinney that an additional £13m over three years, compared to the Budget Bill published last month, will be allocated to sustainable and active travel. However, we note that this is still a cut on the funding available for this work in the current year.

Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, said:

Watchdog issues warning on Scottish climate change action

Tuesday 31st January 2012

  • Recent emission reductions due to recession, not government measures
  • Emissions now rising, new government measures needed

An independent UK watchdog has today increased the pressure on the Scottish Government to amend the budget to ensure Scotland meets the targets set out in the Scottish Climate Change Act. [1]

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