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Climate change in the new Parliament

June 2011

SCCS provided a parliamentary briefing on climate change for all MSPs in the new Scottish Parliament. You can read the briefing online here.

New Scottish Government must deliver on climate change

Monday 9th May

23 senior representatives from Scotland's largest civil society coalition, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS), have today handed a giant postcard to the new Scottish Government urging them to turn manifesto promises into political reality and make action on climate change a priority for the next five years.

Scottish elections 2011

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the first ever live Climate Day Election Debate on Wednesday 13th April.

Over 300 people took part in the debate during the evening, when the polticial parties answered your climate change questions. You can watch, and post your comments on, a recording of the debate online now (clips are broken down by question, so you can navigate straight to the subjects that matter most to you).

Don't forget to take our email action to let the candidates hoping to be the next MSP in your area that climate change matters to you:

Read our Election Blog

Comparison of manifesto pledges on climate change

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, a coalition of around 60 organisations campaigning together on climate change, produced a manifesto of policies which we believe would deliver emission cuts in a responsible and just manner.

Our manifesto sets out ways in which the Scottish Government, local authorities and communities can all help to reduce emissions. We set out specific measures for energy and for transport, the largest emission generators, as well as outlining how the health sector and our natural environment can assist. We also described how economic recovery can work hand-in-hand with reducing emissions.

The adoption and implementation of the full package of measures outlined in our manifesto would help to ensure Scotland not only meets its legal responsibilities, but: continues to demonstrate international leadership on climate change; supports poor communities living in developing countries to survive and adapt to the effects of climate change; and secures a sustainable, just and prosperous future for people living in Scotland.

We have set out the ‘asks’ which were included in our manifesto, alongside a description and related quotes from party manifestos in relation to each ‘ask’. We have only considered the manifestos of the five parties represented in the last Scottish Parliament.

Read the short version of our comparison of manifesto pledges

Read the full version of our comparison of manifesto pledges, which includes the relevant quotes from parties’ manifestos.

SCCS briefing on Parliamentary debate on Report on Policies and Proposals

The Scottish Parliament will debate the draft Report on Policies and Proposals (RPP) on Wednesday 12th January.

You can read Stop Climate Chaos Scotland's Parliamentary briefing on this here.

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