Stop Climate Chaos

Stop Climate Chaos believes

Climate change is the greatest threat to humanity and the world’s ecosystems. We have fewer than 80 months to reverse the growth in global carbon emissions, otherwise global warming will almost certainly exceed the danger threshold of 2 degrees C.

The UN Climate Change negotiations in Copenhagen held in December 2009 failed to deliver an international plan of action to prevent runaway climate change. Since then, the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster has reminded us of the fragility of the environment upon which we all depend; and the dangers of our continuing addiction to fossil fuels.

Domestic Delivery
To help breathe life back into the UN climate talks, and to tackle emissions on the ground, the UK must now deliver a low-carbon transformation of its own economy. To build trust and demonstrate commitment to international negotiations, the UK must make good its short and long-term commitments to finance climate action in the developing world.

A Global Deal
The UK must lead by example to inspire a fair global deal that keeps global warming under 2 degrees C and supports those countries least responsible for, and most vulnerable to, climate change.

Achieving this goal is both a huge challenge and a huge opportunity. It will require industrialised countries to take the lead, because they have the greatest capacity and because their per capita emissions are much higher than those in the developing world. But a new climate deal will ultimately enable and support all the countries and peoples of the world in achieving a prosperous low-carbon future, and the sooner this is achieved, the less it will cost.

The Stop Climate Chaos Coalition calls on the UK Government to:

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