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Facts behind the climate finance figures at Copenhagen revealed

Today's analysis from the World Development Movement shows how little cash developed countries are really committing.

SCCS blog from Copenhagen: Part 12

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland @ Cop15
Richard Dixon
DAY Twelve - by Dr Richard Dixon.
Friday 18th December 2009

Yesterday only 300 NGO people were allowed into the Bella Center. Several NGOs tried to sit in overnight. The last two WWF people were extracted from their hiding place in the gent’s loos around 5am.

I spent the day elsewhere, first in an office WWF had been lent and then in the evening in an ex-cattle market which is now an art gallery and meeting space. When I arrived it was lit only with candles and people were singing songs about the planet. It got a bit more business like but the internet kept breaking.

Greenpeace spectacularly crashes Queen's dinner party at Copenhagen Climate summit

Our delegation being evicted
© Scanpix / Jens Norgaard Larsen

We thought it unfair that among the Heads of State invited to the Queen's dinner in Copenhagen, that a representative of the whole planet wasn't invited. Earth needed a voice, it needed representation. So we sent two to crash the party...

Leaked documents prove current climate offers are crap

With the Copenhagen talks going nowhere fast, a leaked document has caused some excitement here in the Greenpeace office and throughout the campaigning fraternity here in the Danish capital. Actually, that's probably an understatement, and Greenpeace ED Kumi is calling this "the single most important piece of paper in the world today".

COP15 and the Fossil of the Day - 17th December

While the day began in a deadlock with some officials saying they'd given up on reaching a deal that worked for the G77-China countries and the richer nations, surprisingly the US were instrumental in 'building bridges' for a reconciliation. Despite their current run of 3 Fossil of the Day awards in a row for being the country most hindering the talks reaching a fair, effective and binding deal, Hillary Clinton today (17th) announced that they would contribute to the creation of a $100bn fund to help poorer nations deal with the impacts of climate change.
Picketing outside US embassy
Our Fossil of the Day award delivery team outside the US embassy last night

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