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Blog from Copenhagen: Part 4

Stop Climate Chaos @ Cop15

Sam Clarke
DAY FIVE by Sam Clarke
Wednesday 16th December 2009

This will be my last message from Copenhagen. As of Tuesday, NGOs were being restricted to around 20 of their planned numbers to the Bella centre, the queues are extending and movement around the centre is getting more and more difficult. As is movement around town as demonstrations (and in one case, a bomb scare) clog up the City. This must be a frustration to ordinary Danes who have extended extraordinary hospitality to the Conference and have laid on a very sizeable activist conference at tax payer's expense as well as many cultural events of all types.

SCCS blog from Copenhagen: Part 11

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland @ Cop15
Richard Dixon
DAY Eleven - by Dr Richard Dixon.
Thursday 17th December 2009

Wednesday started with braving the beefed up police presence and the snow to spend 90 minutes giving out more of our lovely Scotland badges, with colleagues from SCIAF. Again lots of people had heard of our 42% by 2020 target and most of those who had not were impressed. A good number of Americans and Australians took a badge and said: "Yes, I’m Scottish."

SCCS blog from Copenhagen: Part 10

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland @ Cop15
Richard Dixon
DAY Ten - by Dr Richard Dixon.
Wednesday 16th December 2009

It is remarkable how popular you become when you have bottles of whisky to give away. Stop Climate Chaos Scotland had some whisky specially created to celebrate the Scottish climate change act. It is called 2020 and is 42% alcohol and both Sam and I have spent too many hours fighting with the UN bureaucracy trying to get some of it into the Bella Center. A battle we finally won yesterday.

Brown speaks at UN climate talks - he must now show leadership in negotiations

Gordon Brown has rightly warned of the need for urgent action to tackle climate change - and he must show leadership, Friends of the Earth said.

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